Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Supreme Meal

I have recently started reading a book called Instructions to the Cook by Bernie Glassman and Rick Fields.  Bernie Glassman is a Zen master and the book is partially based on the lessons he has learned as he has navigated through his life.  He discusses the Zen concept of the supreme meal which is "a life that is lived fully and completely, with nothing held back".  He also discusses that we have all the ingredients in our current lives to be able to create our own supreme meal, that we just need to remain open and see our lives completely and without limitations.  I really like the idea of the supreme meal and find it very empowering.  I think it provides a very helpful guide to support continued internal growth and further strengthening of our overall health.  I am going to aim to continue to work on creating my own supreme meal during the cleanse and further into 2014.

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