Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meditation and the Support it offers for our Overall Health

In the book Instructions to the Cook, author Bernie Glassman discusses the support that meditation can offer us.  I love this quote from the book:   'Meditation allows things to fall in all the right places so that we can see clearly what comes up in the mind and let go of our judgements'.   Glassman also describes meditation as a form of 'cleaning the mind' which I find is a visual that really resonates with me.  I think for many of us our mind feels too cluttered and too full for a number of reasons (too much going on in our lives, not enough time for self reflection etc.) and meditation can offer us support in clearing space in our mind to enable us to navigate through all that is going on for us/inside us more easily.   We don't necessarily have to add a meditation class or an hour of meditation practice per day to our already busy schedules in order to benefit from meditation; instead, we can simply aim to sit quietly, counting our in and out breaths, for 5 minutes per day.  Even this small step will introduce our body and mind to the benefits of meditation and will offer us support for our overall health.

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