Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Almost Summer!

Similar to last year, I started a number of seeds indoors earlier this year.  Instead of planting seeds for perennial planting, I decided to start seeds for annual/potted plants.  I like to use certified organic seeds for planting and there is a great greenhouse in Winnipeg called Sage Garden Greenhouse that has a huge selection of certified organic seeds that I was able to order online (here is a link to their website -

Here are some certified organic seed garlic and tulips that I picked up at Sage Garden Greenhouse and planted in the fall!

I used both a seed warming mat and lights to help my seedlings grow this year.  Here is my seedling 
Some of the seeds would sprout, but I couldn't get them to survive, especially poppies, so I direct seeded some poppy seeds (and bachelor buttons and zinnias) directly into some outdoor pots in early April and I am so pleased that they are growing so well!

I also had a tough time getting the chamomile and lavender seeds to sprout indoors, but I did get one chamomile plant (and I have a few small plants growing that I direct seeded into the outdoor pots - the chamomile is the tall green plant to the left in the green planter, it is beside sage that was easier to grow from seed) and 3 lavender plants (the lavender is in the blue pot below)!

I also started lemon balm (in the top picture below) and calendula (in the bottom picture below) both of which were also easier to start from seed indoors.  
This year was another good learning opportunity for gardening.  I am excited with all the plants that are growing outdoors now and look forward to watching them over the summer.