Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Health Chart

Since the fall of 2012, I have been making myself a weekly health chart.  The left column of my chart contains the health supportive steps that I want to work on and the rest of the following columns each contain one day of the week.  For each health supportive step, I have an individual goal listed and if I match the goal for the day of the week, I put a check mark on my chart in that day's column.  The chart has helped me integrate new steps into my daily routine including daily coconut oil, avocado (when I can find them - which has been pretty steady since Sept), and seaweeds as well as a nightly stress release/grounding routine of sun salutations (wrong time of the day, I know, but it works for me) and deep breathing.  Outside of the holiday season and travel, I have been able to stick to my goals and it is so satisfying to see a chart full of check marks at the end of the week!!  As a perpetual night-owl and non-outdoorsy person, the steps that have been the hardest for me are getting a full night of sleep and going for regular walks, but the cleanse has helped me to be more consistent with both of these.  A health chart is easy to make, can be individualized to each person, and provides us with a great framework to support our overall health.

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