Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vitamin D

A systematic review by Natural Standard Research of the scientific literature regarding vitamin D that was published in the Natural Medicine Journal in Aug, 2011, finds that vitamin D can offer support for a number of different concerns, in addition to bone health. There is a high prevalence of vitamin d deficiency in people with asthma and vitamin D supplementation may reduce the severity of symptoms and improve response to treatment. Increased vitamin D intake has also been associated with a reduced risk of colorectal, cervical, breast, and prostate cancer. Vitamin D deficiency is a potential risk factor for increased cardiovascular disease processes. Vitamin D is also associated with improved cognitive test performance in older people. Vitamin D supplementation may improve symptoms of depression with seasonal affective disorder. It is important to not overwhelm our selves with supplements during a cleanse (and in our regular routine when we are not on a cleanse), but based on the wide variety of information available, it is clear that vitamin D3 is a supplement we should all consider integrating into our routine as an effective form of overall health support.

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