Saturday, January 7, 2017

Week One - almost done!

The first week of the cleanse is almost complete!  For most people, the first week of a cleanse is the most difficult.  Our body is adjusting to the changes that we have made and is likely missing the foods/drinks we have removed.  By the end of the first week though, for the most part, we will have adjusted and will be in the flow of being on a cleanse.  For some people, they will be noticing differences already in how they feel.  This can include more settled digestion, less itchy skin, more balanced mood or energy.  For other people, improvements take a bit more time to manifest.  Thankfully, with the cleanse feeling a bit more manageable and maybe even feeling a bit better, we generally have improved motivation to continue on with the cleanse by the end of the first week!  Keeping a journal of how we are feeling on a cleanse can be a very helpful guide as we continue on and finish the cleanse and then assess the differences we have seen.
One of the quick and easy dishes I made this week was a beet and cauliflower bake - I chopped up the beets (red and golden) and cauliflower, placed the veggies in a casserole with some oil and rosemary, and baked for 45 minutes.  It was a delicious and warming supper (it was mixed with short grain rice and lentils).  And beets and cauliflower both offer excellent liver support during a cleanse too!

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