Monday, January 9, 2017

Soup - a perfect cleanse food!

One of the main benefits we gain during a cleanse is that our digestive system is considerably less stressed (because we have reduced the amount of foods in our diet that are hard to digest or are difficult on the digestive system) and has a chance to begin to heal and improve its overall functioning.  
In general, our digestive system prefers warm temperature food - warm food is less stressful for the digestive system than cold food and it is easier for us to process and absorb our nutrients from warm/cooked foods.  Focusing on at least 50% cooked foods during a cleanse is a great way to offer further support to our digestive system.   
Soup is a wonderful winter food that is filled with well cooked and often easily digestible ingredients.  Having soup on a cleanse takes even a bit more strain off our digestive system and allows our body to do further healing.
Making soup regularly on a cleanse can also be helpful in reducing the amount of cooking overwhelm people can sometimes feel on a cleanse - it is easy to make extra soup that we can either eat throughout the week or freeze and eat later on during the cleanse.  
Soup is also an easy way for us to eat lots of veggies!  A half cup of raw veggies is one serving of veggies (even if we cook the veggies, we still measure the serving size as raw veggies) - just thinking back to making soup, we can easily picture how many 1/2 cups of veggies go into making one soup!  
For many people, soup is a grounding meal as well - it is warming and filling and many of us have positive memories associated with soup being a favourite or healing food.  
The soup pictured above is from a recipe called Lentil Me Entertain You from Soupelina's Soup Cleanse by Elina Fuhrman.  I just picked up this book and it is filled with loads of delicious cleanse friendly recipes and lots of great health information.  

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