Thursday, January 21, 2016

Some Supplement Basics

Supplements can be helpful in supporting our base level of health and can also be deeply tonifying and strengthening for the different systems in our body.
Good quality supplements are generally not found at the drugstore, the grocery store, or large chain/box stores.  Instead we want to buy our supplements from a health food store or the practitioner we are working with.
It is best to take supplements that are in a liquid, powder, or capsule form.  Tablet based supplements tend to be lower quality and are very difficult to break down and absorb.  
Iron is best absorbed with vitamin C, but needs to be taken away from all other supplements.
Any supplement with a fat base (fat soluble vitamins like vitamin D, essential fatty acid rich supplements) is best taken with food.
Zinc also needs to be taken with food because it will cause noticeable nausea on an empty stomach.
As well, regardless of what is recommended on the label, probiotics are best taken with food - if they are taken on an empty stomach, we lose approximately 70% of the probiotics we are taking.

Any supplements that can boost our energy (multivitamin, greens product, vitamin B complex, adrenal tonifying formulas) are best taken in the morning and possibly again at noon, if necessary - we want to take these supplements when our energy needs are at their highest rather than in the evening when our energy/body is meant to be starting to settle and prepare for rest and regeneration.
Iodine is generally best left out by people with auto immune mediated thyroid concerns (graves' and hashimoto's) because it can cause extra confusion/place extra stress on the body and further throw off thyroid function.
It is important to have a clear understanding of why we are taking each of the supplements that are part of our routine.  We want to ensure that we are taking well indicated supplements only and aren't including supports that aren't necessary or beneficial for our body.

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