Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

With the start of another new year begins the start of another January cleanse for me!  I initially started doing a cleanse for the month of January in 2001, so it is a long standing ritual.  I like the simplicity, grounding, and support the cleanse offers after a busy holiday season and for me, it feels like a perfect way to welcome and prepare for the new year.  A cleanse cultivates space within to tune into messages our body is happy to share - when we take our diet down to the basics, there is less clutter and less noise within allowing us to listen more carefully.  Each year I do the cleanse, I learn something new and I try to carry forward this learning into the rest of the year.
On a regular basis, I don't have meat, dairy, eggs, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, or refined sugar in my diet.  During the cleanse, I also remove gluten, soy, nightshade vegetables (eggplant, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes), chocolate, and unrefined sweeteners.   The first few days are always hard, but then it does become easier!  There are many different cleanse variations - this is the one that works for me and for others, different/additional foods may need to be removed.
This year, I am also hoping to read more, get more sleep, and do more yoga during the cleanse.
As usual, I will also aim to do more regular blog posts during the month of January - cleanse or general naturopathic information related.
Sending wishes to all for a new year that is filled with continued learning, growth, fun, and self care and love.

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