Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Website Update!

I have just had my website updated and the new version is now up and running!  My website is found at .  The content is primarily the same although I have removed the current events page and the newsletter archive.  Even though I loved the newsletters I did, I haven't done one since 2004, so the page looked quite out of date.  This blog is now linked to the website and there is a link to my twitter account too.  Most excitingly, I have a new logo!  The curved line at the top of the logo represents the natural flow of our life.  The solid line at the bottom of the logo represents the steady foundation of health that naturopathic medicine helps us to build which can then support us in managing the flow of our life more easily.  The flowers growing from the natural flow are chamomile.  Chamomile is a simple and beautiful flower that grows easily and offers us calming, relaxing, and regenerative support on a number of different levels.  

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