Friday, January 30, 2015

End of the Cleanse!

Another January cleanse is drawing to a close for me - this month seemed to fly by very quickly this year!  Each of my cleanse suppers were simple and easy to make.  I also was able to have leftovers for supper 2 times per week which reduced the amount of cooking time/overwhelm.  I always had supper leftovers for lunch which also made it easier to manage through the extra work required during the cleanse.  I made hummus 3 times and had it as a snack and even as a light supper a few times after a late lunch.   Generally at the end of a cleanse, a person will slowly reintroduce each food they haven't eaten for the past month back into their diet in a separate 3 day block (only 1 food at a time) to determine if any of the foods cause an aggravation for them.  Because I have done the cleanse many times, I no longer do the food reintroduction, but it does serve as a great learning experience for people who are doing a cleanse for the first time.  In general, the cleanse has been a great experience again for me helping to start the year off in a positive and healthy direction.

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