Thursday, March 20, 2014

Simple Tips to Improve our Nutritional Intake

I attended a great webinar tonight on The Necessity of Phytochemistry for Optimal Health presented by Kevin Spelman PhD.  Some interesting notes from the webinar include:  Gala apples contain 210 mg of total phytonutrients per litre of juice, while Granny Smith apples contain 205 mg, Fuji apples contain 142 mg, Red Delicious apples contain 108 mg, Golden Delicious apples contain 71 mg, and Ginger Gold apples contain 15 mg.  The higher the phytonutrient level in the apple, the more nutritional support the apple offers, so this info can be helpful in directing which apples are the healthiest for us to choose to eat.   As well, dandelion greens contain 41 times the amount of antioxidants that iceberg lettuce contains and 34 times the amount of antioxidants that romaine lettuce contains.  Dandelion greens have a bitter taste, so we may not want to have a salad consisting of just them, but by including a mixture of dandelion greens and different types of lettuce in our salad, we can boost up the nutritional value of our meal.   With bits of info like this, we can more consciously choose the food we eat and, by doing so, we can more easily optimize our nutritional intake.  

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