Monday, February 1, 2010

Thank you!

Now that February has arrived and the cleanse is officially over, I would like to thank everyone who has read the blog and offered their feedback! Writing the blog was a fun ritual at the end of each day of the cleanse!

Because I have done the cleanse for many years, I no longer specifically reintroduce the foods at the end. However, the food reintroduction is an important part of the learning process for someone who is first doing a cleanse or for someone who is doing a cleanse after they have experienced a change in the way they have been feeling since they last did a cleanse. To reintroduce a food, one would choose a single food that hasn't been eaten during the cleanse (ie wheat products) and eat their regular serving size of the food each day for a period of 3 days (and continue to eat all of the rest of the foods that were eaten during the cleanse). If there is no change in the way one feels during the 3 days of eating the food, the food is fine for their system. If there is any change in the way one is feeling (an aggravation in some of the symptoms that had improved during the cleanse), it is a reflection the food is not a good fit for their system and will be best avoided for an extended period of time (by doing so, one will continue to experience the improved level of health they have felt during the cleanse). Regardless of whether one feels different with the reintroduced food, they would still remove the food after 3 days (or before if an aggravation has occurred earlier in the 3 day reintroduction period) and go on to the next food to reintroduce, continuing with the same process until all of the foods have been reintroduced and one has gained a clear insight into which foods are a good fit for their system and which foods are not. Even though this process further extends the work of the cleanse, it can make a huge difference in being able to carry forward the positive improvements one has felt on the cleanse into their every day life.

Although I won't be writing the blog everyday now that the cleanse is over, I will still write occasionally when there are new recipes or exciting information to share! Thanks again for reading!


  1. Jackie,

    Thank you for introducing me to a new way of cooking & eating! I never thought I would enjoy all those vegetables, but I was pleasantly surprised and I feel better too. It was helpful to have your recipes handy, as I went through the cleanse at the same time you did.

  2. Thank you so much for your positive feedback, Mady! It is greatly appreciated and I am so happy to hear the cleanse and the recipes on the blog were helpful. Thanks again!