Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Growth

When we are engaged in supporting and strengthening our overall health, we are growing and evolving. I love the spring and summer because the forward momentum of our internal growth is mirrored by the external new growth that surrounds us in our outside environment.  We are supported by and are able to draw upon the energy of the earth at this time of the year to further build the base of our health.  I was excited to find examples of this new growth yesterday.  The top picture is of the spring crocus in the front yard.  The middle picture is of the st john's wort in the front yard.  Both of these plants are perennials and return every year.  And the bottom picture is of the brand new tiny lettuce plants in the back yard!  Thanks to the miracle of self seeding lettuce and raised bed gardens, the lettuce plants come back early every year and thankfully all the snow hasn't deterred them this year!!

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